Friday, 23 March 2012

Then she says, "That's all you need to know for now."

That’s all I need to know for now?! Is she crazy?

"Lullaby, tell me what the hell happened back there!" her eyes glanced back but she looked unaffected by the harsh tone that coated my every word.
By 'back there' I mean about two miles back, where we ran into a tall, suited, and faceless man, someone she called...

"The Slender Man, yeah you saw him right. No, you’re not high. He's real, he’s dangerous, and yeah if you fuck around too much he will kill you..."
I stopped dead on my trail, what mess have I gotten myself into?

We had been walking for a while with spotty internet, that’s why we haven’t updated. But as we were walking I noticed something ahead in the trees, at first I thought it might be an abnormal species of tree, and then I noted Lullaby.

Like a dog she got defensive, her shoulders hunched and she made a small growling noise.
What happened next came out of a pure horror novel, the 'tree' moved towards us, long delicate strides that rushed to our very location until it was close enough to be distinguished as a creature.

"Shit, Con. Run... now!" Lullaby grabbed onto my hands as we ran, zigzagging through the uneven terrain. This wasn’t real, it couldn’t be.

I looked back, 'IT' 'tree'... Slender Man pursued following us still. Was running the only option? I mean...
"All creatures have weaknesses… right? In humans it tends to be emotions, so even this thing, as undefeatable as it seems, it must have a weakness, correct?" I asked, despite lack of breath.

"I wish." Lullaby snarled. "But by all means, fight it if you want, I’m not carrying your lifeless body anywh-"

She stopped; ahead of us was a girl... Lullaby's age? Lullaby's height... hell like a mirror it reflected her almost perfectly, who was she?
"Hey! Copycat! Who the fuck are you!?" Lullaby yelled out. I tugged at her hand, trying to remind her of our incoming doom.

"Hold on Con, I wanna figure out this imposter."

The child giggled madly, turned on her heel and then ran and ran at what seemed like an impossible speed.

"Shit... like fuck you run from me bitch"

And that was how we encountered Agony, or that’s what the child called herself, which reminds me of the last time I visited my father... the girl cried out 'Agony!’. Agony had stopped, everything seemed dead still.

Then she spoke clearly.
"Dear Lullaby... or at least that’s what I've heard you called by, I am Agony." Her small fingers pressed against the fabric of her dress and she waved her hands in an artistic motion.

"Agony, the child of the devil." she continued dancing around the darkness of the empty land, waving her hands innocently as she spun on her toes.
"Agony, eh?" Lullaby smirked brilliantly, cracking her knuckles she ran towards her. Agony waggled her finger, making the disapproving noise as she sidestepped a distance. This caused Lullaby to fall on her chest and she inhaled sharply, gasping from the impact of what seemed to be a rock.
"And Con, dear Con, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you last. I'm sure we will get to know each other again quite well... you haven’t forgotten have you?"

I looked at her as she circled around me; I turned my head according to her very small steps, watching parts of her body, important parts. Her feet for possible irregular movements, her hands for the chance of a weapon being drawn, and her face for a possible cocky smile. I found nothing in her eyes, not even a hint of emotion, not a light, even less than that of which Lullaby’s eyes showed.
"Let's meet again." she said and with that she backed away into the darkened distance.

Lullaby got up slowly and pressed her sleeve against her mouth pulling it to the side, she started yelling.

"I'm chasing after that bitch! Going to fucking rip her apart!" it was at this point that before Lullaby could get past me I held her by her shoulder; she looked up at me confused as hell.

"Don’t worry Lullaby, we'll see her again. You said you wanted an adventure, well we’re about to get one."

And that’s where we are now, in a coffee shop, washing up and waiting for the next bus. Worst part is I have no idea where we are currently located.